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Håtunalab AB produces and provides plasma intended for weak foals. The plasma is sold in practical plastic bottles. Along with the plasma we also provide a so called “Foal-check” which will aid in quickly assessing the foals IgG-levels. The “Foal-check” test can also be bought individually. Infusion sets accompanies the plasma without charge.
When producing the plasma we only use blood from universal donor geldings. Thus the risk of negative reactions in the foal is minimized. The donor geldings are also part of a strict vaccine-program against influenza A2, tetanus and botulism.

When to use plasma for your foal?

Håtunalab AB´s plasma for foals is mainly used for foals with low levels of anybodies (IgG), resulting from flaws in colostrums intake. The plasma can also be used for foals unallowed to nurse due to the risk of neonatal isoerythrolysis. This life threatening decease can occur if the foal does not share it´s mother’s blood type. The mare´s colostrum may, in this case, contain antibodies that will break down the foals own blood. To save the foal, a muzzle can be fitted on the foal and the mare´s colostrums milked and thrown away. The plasma for foals can be used to compensate for the unusable colostrums, thus giving the foal a chance for a good future.
The plasma for foals can also be used when a foal is suffering from Rotavirus. In case of such infection the plasma can be given orally to provide a local protection with specific antibodies in the intestine.

Quality control

The following is controlled before the plasma is approved for distribution:
¤ No bacteria present
¤ No erythrocyte antibodies present
¤ Gammaglobulinlevels – IgG-levels
¤ Endotoxinlevels
¤ Levels of antibodies for rotavirus
¤ Levels of antibodies for influenza, A2
¤ No presence of equine rinitvirus type B
¤ No presence of equine arteritic virus (EAV)
¤ No presence of equine influenzavirus A2
¤ No presence of equine herpes virus (virus abortion)
¤ No presence of antibodies for infectious anemia (EIAV)
¤ pH-value
¤ Viscosity control


SNAP Foal IgG (Foalcheck)

En enkel test som består av ett kit för att mäta fölets IgG-halt i blod, serum eller plasma. En kontroll man kan göra innan man ger plasma. Kan också användas efter plasmagivan för att se om IgG-halten blivit tillräckligt hög


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