Quality work

Our production is based on a disease free and healthy population of horses, cows, sheep, guinea pigs, rabbits and chickens. Our chickens also provide disease free eggs suitable for diagnostics. To keep out products of the highest quality it is necessary to provide the animals with a calm and safe environment and handling. We treat our animals as individuals, learn to know them well and make sure they thrive.

Håtunalab AB follows the standard for quality, ISO 9001.

Our production follows well established routines where documentation and traceability are of highest importance. This means we can trace our products, based on their batch numbers, throughout the entire chain of production. All this to be able to certify what is contained in every production process.

All animals are carefully controlled before purchased, always with consult from our own veterinarian. During the controls, the animal is tested for diseases common to Sweden and possible serious illnesses. At arrival, the animal is placed in quarantine, and only released into the resident population after additional testing.